KCS Coronavirus Business Continuity Plan

KCS Wealth

March 14, 2020

Over the next several weeks, coronavirus will be changing the way we all live and work. KCS is dedicated to ensuring that our business—including our ability to monitor and manage your assets—continues uninterrupted during this difficult period.

First, rest assured that Fidelity, who custodies the vast majority of KCS-managed accounts, has its own coronavirus contingency plan, which can be accessed here. Their processes and systems allow most of their employees to work from home and still provide the same level of service as before. Recordkeeping, pricing, statements, transactions, etc. will in no way be disrupted by the virus.

At KCS, we also have the ability to work from home. At this point, all 8 of us are healthy and are coming into the office on most days. Already, however, several of us are working from home on occasion. While in the office, we are practicing frequent handwashing, using hand sanitizer, avoiding touching our faces or communal surfaces, and implementing social distancing (no handshaking, for example). All this is being done to minimize each of our chances of contracting COVID-19.

Should we all need to work from home at some point, very little will change in the way KCS functions. All of us will be on our regular email and available as usual. We will continue to have access to all your account information and other files via our cloud servers. Communication among us will be facilitated by Microsoft Teams, our cloud-based collaboration platform. Trading and account rebalancing, along with regular monitoring of your accounts, will continue as usual.

If we are all working from home, there will only be two changes from your standpoint:

1.      Client meetings will become virtual using Zoom or another videoconferencing platform. We will send you instructions on accessing and using videoconferencing in advance of any meetings.

2.      If you call us by phone, you will be directed to voicemail, which can be left either in the general voicemail box or in individual boxes. Our voicemail system is set up to email us when we receive a voicemail and we are able to listen without calling in. Even so, emailing us directly may result in a faster response.

Here are our email addresses for your reference:

Ken Waltzer:

Laura Gilman:

Scott Gaynor:

Katrina Soelter:

Nick Nejad:

Bradley (Buddy) Griffiths:

Gayle Fuhr:

Kellie Weidenheimer:

The next few weeks will be difficult for all of us, but we believe that Americans will come together to beat this new illness. Rest assured that KCS is doing everything we can to aid in this fight and to maintain all our services during this challenging time.

Yours truly,

The KCS Team

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