How to Take a Mini-Retirement Without Delaying Your Full Retirement

July 9, 2018

“Taking a short break from funding your retirement account doesn’t have to delay your retirement date, Los Angeles based certified financial planner Laura Gilman of KCS Wealth Advisory, LLC said from personal experience.

“I started my planning firm when I was in my thirties, after leaving a well-paid job,” Gilman said. “I had very little income in those first few years, and had no extra funds to save for retirement. But since I knew I was going to take this time to start a business, I had saved money for 6 months before I quit my job so I had enough to support my lifestyle while I was growing my business. Once my business grew, I was able to restart my retirement savings and the absence of saving those few years had very little impact on achieving my overall plan.”

“The savings into the retirement account will continue to work for you while you are taking time off from savings, if they are invested to earn a moderate return,” Gilman said.”

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