How ‘temptation bundling’ can help you achieve your money resolutions

Policygenius - Myles Ma

January 15, 2020

“Katrina Soelter, a certified financial planner and director of wealth management for KCS Wealth Advisory, suggests couples conduct their regular financial review together during a night out at a restaurant or over a bottle of wine at home. That way, couples can get on the same page about money while indulging in some quality time together.


“When you update your budget and review your spending, ideally weekly or every other week, combine it with an activity you really like,” Soelter said.

Have your favorite tea or coffee, eat a tempting snack or your reward yourself afterward with a good book or TV show.

Celebrate wins

“After you pay off or pay down a credit card, celebrate in some fun way that you don’t usually do,” Soelter said.

A weekend away or a night out can be a good way to reward yourself for getting rid of debt. ”


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