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Our investment strategists, Ken Waltzer, MD, MPH, AIF, CFA®, CFP® and Nick Nejad, CFA®, are on hand to answer burning questions about the market. Join us for this Q&A style webinar, as we address questions like:

Why has the market recovered so quickly?

Will it stay high or are we just setting ourselves up for a second crash?

Should I DO anything with my portfolio?

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Questions on the PPP? You’re not alone. We’ve heard some great questions recently, and given how murky the guidance has been, we wanted to put together our best answers in one place. On Wednesday May 13, the Treasury Department released updated FAQs on the PPP, and together with other sources of information, we’re here to give you answers to the common questions, like:

I am concerned about all the news regarding the qualification rules for the PPP Loan and that they may have changed. Now I hear there is a Safe Harbor?  What does that mean?

Now that I have the funds, how do I spend them so that the loan will be forgiven?

What other tips should I know about to help ensure forgiveness?

I had an employee leave and refuse to come back to work. What do I do?

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See how you can be financially healthier on the other side of this pandemic.

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Our investment strategists, Ken Waltzer, MD, MPH, AIF, CFA®, CFP® and Nick Nejad, CFA®, share their update on the markets. If you’ve had questions about the markets, this is the webinar for you.

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Wondering how to manage your cash flow during this crisis? We’re here to help!
Whether you have lost your job, had a reduction in your hours, or simply have had to change your spending habits because of the quarantine, this webinar has tips and strategies to help you through this time.

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If you are a small business owner and wondering how to navigate the different federal, state, and local resources during the Covid-19 shutdown, this webinar will walk through your options and share where to go to get more information.

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How do you create the life and world you want to see?

A 4-week exploration of activism, money, social change, and leaving a legacy

Co-Hosted by KCS Wealth Advisory, LLC and
The Feminist Majority Foundation

Location: The Feminist Majority Foundation


Week 1 – Oct. 3: Sustainable Activism

Speakers: Kathy Spillar, Executive Director, Feminist Majority Foundation & Executive Editor, Ms. Magazine and Betsy Butler, Executive Director, California Women’s Law Center

How do we work to change our world in a way that maintains hope and focuses on your impact? How do you plug into the movements you believe in so that it really moves the needle? There are so many issues to tackle in the world, it can often feel overwhelming. However, when we find the common threads and pull them together into a cohesive strategy, activism can change our lives.


Week 2 – Oct. 10: Navigate Your Net Worth

Speakers: Katrina Soelter and Laura Gilman, KCS Wealth Advisory, LLC

Knowing your finances and understanding what you are worth empowers you to live the life you choose. Engaging your total net worth with intention allows you to proactively decide how you will: negotiate your salary; align your spending with your values; work towards financial independence on your terms, and use your resources to have a lifestyle that creates the future YOU want.


Week 3 – Oct. 17: Creating Social Movements and Influencing Society

Speaker: Kaitlin Koga, Chief of Staff, The Bail Project

What does it look like to harness today’s resources to influence society and truly create change? How do you gain the confidence to speak to your values in all aspects of your life without proselytizing your message?

What can we learn from a woman who has done just that?


Week 4 – Oct. 24: Own Your Legacy

Speakers: Willow Mc Jilton, Founder, Willow Law Group ALC, Inc and Natella Royzman, Director of Charitable Gift Planning, Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles

How do you continue influencing the world after you are gone? It’s time to challenge your fear of estate planning and harness your resources to continue to fund the future you want to see for generations to come. All sizes of estates, small to large, can create impact using charitable planning. By embracing your worth, you can both continue to support the activism you value and still create a peaceful transition for your loved ones.