2013: Year in Review

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Like most years, 2013 will leave behind its winners and its losers. Stock market participants were (for the most part) rewarded for their bullishness, especially those who have been overweighted to US stocks. Even owners of European stocks had an excellent year, which may surprise you given the mostly bad news we’ve been hearing about […]

Easy money no more

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The days of loose monetary policy are officially coming to an end. We don’t know exactly when, or to what extent, this will occur, but it’s safe to say that QE3 (or, as some call it, “QE-Infinity”) will be scaled back within the next year, according to Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke. Since November 2008, the […]

How Not to Time the Market

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Dear Client, Last week, all I heard from friends, family and even some clients was that Congress wasn’t going to come to an agreement to raise the debt ceiling, the US would default and stocks would sink. Professional traders all over the world were positioning themselves for just such an outcome. So what actually happened? […]