Apple & China: Still growing strong

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After the market closed last Wednesday, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) reported its 2nd quarter earnings to much delight. Apple addressed a number of issues in its earnings report, including: (1)   Revenue and net income (“earnings”) per share as well as earnings forecasts for next quarter (2)   The status of its share repurchase program (3)   The […]

The rout that refreshes?

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Those of you who follow the stock market, even casually, know that we’ve had a nasty two days in global equity markets, with the MSCI All-Country World index tumbling -3.5% in just 48 hours. Today was the sharpest one-day drop since last June, and the biggest weekly decline since late 2011. Moreover, the selling was […]

The pot calling the kettle black

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It’s no secret that the Chinese have taken measures over the years to keep the Yuan cheap against other currencies worldwide. In his debates against President Obama, Mitt Romney even went so far as to accuse China of being a “currency manipulator.” So it comes as somewhat of a surprise that the president of China’s […]