Quantitative Easing and Tapering are overrated

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Happy new year to everyone from KCS! We appreciate the feedback we’ve received about our eNewsletter over the past year, and hope you’ll continue to share your thoughts with us. Questions and comments are welcome, as are topic suggestions for future newsletters. A quick review of Quantitative Easing November 2008:  Federal Reserve begins buying $600 […]

Easy money no more

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The days of loose monetary policy are officially coming to an end. We don’t know exactly when, or to what extent, this will occur, but it’s safe to say that QE3 (or, as some call it, “QE-Infinity”) will be scaled back within the next year, according to Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke. Since November 2008, the […]

Not a Word about the “Fiscal Cliff”

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You’ve heard far too much about that whose name will not be mentioned. Instead, let’s talk about investing for retirement: (1)    Is retirement out of reach? (2)    Evaluating your “Retirement Readiness” (3)    An offer from KCS that you can’t (or at least shouldn’t) refuse Back in 2000, with the stock market at historic highs, both […]